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   BGJ-3 Induction Heater
  BGJ Induction Heater widely used in metallurgy, railway, oil, machinery, electrical and many other manufacture companies, induction heating such as required to process packages heat bearings during maintenance machinery, the oil, and gear, bushing hole ring-shaped parts. BGJ Induction Heater is the ideal heating device with civilized production, efficient production and safe production
bgjInduction Heater
bgjInduction Heater BGJ-3Induction Heater
BGJ-3.5-3 BGJ-7.5-3
BGJ-20-3 BGJ-60-3 BGJ-75-3


Principle of BGJ Induction Heaters
  BGJ heating using electromagnetic principle, the processing heaing workpiece will be the secondary coil, when power was on, the heating workpiece has a thermal expansion by Lane and a Table under the induced current, in order to meet the needs of the assembly.
Compose of BGJ Induction Heater
  BGJ Induction Heater is composed of the host and control box. Host is composed of the winding core, core body arm movements, removable core column. Control Method with time control, the operator can see the heating time.
BGJ-type induction heater is characterized by the following:
1、 To improve the assembly quality, uniform heating, high precision, enable the inherent quality of the workpiece surface hardness unchanged.
2、High efficiency, rapid heating rate, can reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also improve the assembly progress, to civilization production.
3、Reasonable structure, advanced, simple, safe, reliable, and no fire hazard.
4、To save energy, reduce costs, improve efficiency, fuel-efficient compared with the oil heated by 100 G, and compared to electric furnace power by 60G.
5、BGJ induction heater after the heating, will automatic back the residual magnetic under 3CS in line with the ZJS-004 standard.
Technique Parameter of BGJ-3 Induction Heater
Specifications and Models BGJ-20-3 BGJ-60-3 BGJ-75-3
Power 20KVA 60KVA 75KVA
Work Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Curren 60A 160A 180A
Aperture Diameter Reference 160-400 200-600 250-800
Width 220mm 280mm 350mm
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