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Use Heating Method to Install the Bearing
  Required for the installation of bearings with the bearings installed power increase in size rapidly. Due to the requirements of the installation of power, the larger bearing is not easy to push into the shaft or bearing inside. Therefore, the bearing or bearing before installing needs heating.
A:Principle of Induction Heating
BHeating Installation
CHoisting Machinery
DShould not use open flame heating bearings
Principle of Induction Heatin
  Induction heater can be compared with the transformer, it is the working principle of a primary coil with more turns and a few turns of the secondary coil mounted on the same core. Input and output voltage ratio is equivalent to the ratio of coil turns, while the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary coil in the low-voltage under conditions of high current. As for MF Induction Heater, the bearing is a single-turn short-circuit secondary coil, at a relatively low AC voltage under the conditions of a large current, resulting from a lot of heat. Yoke heater itself and remains at room temperature. As a result of this heating method to the current sensor, it will be magnetic bearings. Important to ensure to degauss the bearings, so that it will not scrap metal magnetic in the process of operation. All MF induction heaters have automatic degaussing function.
Heating Installation
  Temperature between bearings and bearing installation location depends on the level of fit and the bearing size. Normal circumstances, the bearing temperature is higher than the axis of temperature 80 to 90 ≧ (144 to 162 H) is sufficient for the installation. But must not be allowed to bearing heating temperature exceeds 125 ≧ (257 H), because when bearing material changes occur, resulting in changes in diameter or hardness. Local overheating must be avoided, in particular, can not use open flame heating bearings. Heating in the installation of bearings to wear clean protective gloves. Use of lifting (lifting) machinery can be easy to install. Along the axis will be pushed to the installation of bearings, and make the bearings intact, push firmly until the match. Mingfeng provides a set of heating devices, such as the induction heater and equipped with adjustable thermostat for electric heating plate, to meet all needs of the installation under normal circumstances.
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