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   MFY Series Intelligent bearing
MFY Series Intelligent bearing heater using time and temperature heating control. Temperature and time are figure display. Intuitive understanding heating time, temperature of the workpiece, errorof time and temperature is less than 5% of every minute.


Technical parameters:
Tech Parameter MFY-2.2 MFY-5.5 MFY-7.5 MFY-10
Rated Power 2.2KVA 5.5KVA 7.5KVA 10KV
Voltage 220V 380V二相 380V二相 380V二相
Current 10 16A 20A 25A
Max Heating Temperature 270℃ 270℃ 270℃ 270℃
Max Heating Time 999S 999S 999S 999S
Outside Diameter of Workpiece 280mm 350mm 400mm 450
Inner Diameter 35mm-85mm 115mm-180mm 130mm-250mm 140mm-300mm
Width 100mm 150mm 180mm 250mm
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