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 BGJ-C Induction Disassemble Device
  BGJ-C Induction Disassemble Device, also known as disassemble device of bearing units. BGJ-C Induction Disassemble Device is specially designed for large-scale dismantling steel products, for more than 1 meter diameter, the width between 400-500, the heating time short, fast ergonomics.
BGJ-type induction heater is characterized by the following:
1、 To improve the assembly quality, uniform heating, high precision, enable the inherent quality of the workpiece surface hardness unchanged.
2、High efficiency, rapid heating rate, can reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also improve the assembly progress, to civilization production.
3、Reasonable structure, advanced, simple, safe, reliable, and no fire hazard.
4、To save energy, reduce costs, improve efficiency, fuel-efficient compared with the oil heated by 100 G, and compared to electric furnace power by 60G.
5、BGJ induction heater after the heating, will automatic back the residual magnetic under 3CS in line with the ZJS-004 standard.




Technology Parameters of BGJ-C Induction Disassemble Device :
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