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   HA Bearing Heater
HA已覚紗犯匂 Use for 
  HA bearing heaters, mainly used for bearings, gears, bushings, axle sleeve, diameter ring, pulley, ring contraction, connectors and other types of metal parts, by heating so that the expansion meets the need of assembly surplus.
  HA Series Bearing heater is composed of control box by the combination of host and one installed in the primary car, mobile framework, to facilitate flexible application of the construction site, the removable iron is directly used to conjugate sets of bearing wear or other use of heating the workpiece.
Operation Procedure:
1. Put the yoke iron on the head face of the host.
2. Plug in the power socket with control switch.
3. Check the grounding line is good or not, use pencil test after power.
4. Press the start button, the host is power on.
5. Inspect the yoke iron and should be no voltage.
6. Press the stop button, the host is power off.
7. Use different yoke iron set for different specifications, put on the top of the host, should be with formation.
8. When heating, should plug the sensors into the ^Sensor Socket ̄and cling the sensor to the workpiece tightly.
9. When the bearing was be heated to the request temperature, cut off power automatically or press the stop switch.
10. Stop heating, move the yoke iron left or right, remove the bearing, then put the yoke iron back to the top of the host.
11. If want to re-use, continuous heating bearings, only to put the bearing re-processed into the yoke iron, press Start button.
1. The grounding line of power supply must be good.
2. Prohibit press the start button when the Host is not placed before the yoke iron, otherwise the fuse will be damaged or destroyed.
3. The heating temperature of the ball bearing should be not more than 150≧. Otherwise, will cause bearing annealing.
4. In order to improve the heating efficiency, select the appropriate yoke iron in accordance with the bore diameter, larger cross-sectional area of the yoke iron is good.
5. The host should be laid flat, don¨t be skew, the yoke iron should be in line with the end-host.
6. Before take away the heating parts must turn off the power.
7. When the bearing is heating up, the larger of the pore diameter is as the following table.


Technique Parameter of HA Bearing Heater:
HA-1 HA-2 HA-3
Rated Power 2.2KVA 3.3KVA 5.5KVA
Rated Voltage 220V 220V 380V
Rated Current 10A 12A 15A
Control Way temperature controlled temperature controlled temperature controlled
Max Heating Temperature 300 ≧ 300 ≧ 300 ≧
Heating Workpiece ID Ф30-70 L Ф 70-100 L Ф100-200 L
MaxФ250 L
MaxФ360 L MaxФ440 L
Width 110 L 115 L 140 L
45 K 55 K 80 K
Demagnetization effect Residual Magnetism+ 1.0mT
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