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  ZJ20 Electric Induction Heater
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Function of ZJ20 Electric Induction Heater
ZJ20 Electric Induction Heater mainly used for bearings, gears, even the shaft section, railway rolling round the heart, tires and many other types of metal parts for heating, so that expansion to meet the surplus over the needs of the assembly or dismantling. Traditional methods, such as: burning, oil bath, oven baked, not only the high cost of coke and have a smoke, odor and waste oil. Application of induction heating to replace the traditional methods and create a safe, clean working environment.
Feature of ZJ20 Electric Induction Heater
 * Quickly without Injury
 Heated cylindrical workpiece in the direction of outward expansion, to avoid damage during installation, induction heating is an excellent heating way, no need to preheat it. Different depending on the weight of the workpiece can be heated in seconds or minutes to 120 ℃, without damaging the pre-lubrication.
 * Rationalization of the Design
 To comply with the requirements of industrial environment, ZJ-20 induction heater is designed for the modernization, rationalization, and easy-to-use and high durability.
ZJ20 Electric Induction Heater pictures show in detail the technical parameters to enlarge Click to view the specific technical parameters.
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