¡¡ Steel Wire Rope Cutter
MFQ Steel Wire Rope Cutter
MFQ steel wire rope cutter, is mainly composed of the power source (with electric, manual pump), the work of the fuel tank, slide rail and cutting blade, it has a reasonable structure, convenient operation, cut off fast, labor-saving advantages, especially due to the split-type structure, thereby avoiding the careless operation of wounding bombs thrown rope. The device will not only cut off ¡é 32-52 mm steel wire rope, but also cut off the specifications low¡é 20 mm round bar. The cutter is a national initiative, widely used in metallurgy, mining, oil, bridges and other engineering departments.
Using Method:
1. To connect the fuel tank and pumps with a high pressure hose, and tighten the oil bolt.
2. Pull out the movable pin, rotate the slide, and then put the cut wire rope in the slot (direct penetration), install the movable pin.
3. Press the handle moving up and down, so that the blade forward, cutting off action can be realized
4. Forward action completed, loose the oil bolts, so that return a knife to prepare the next action
Type Rated Pressure Blade stroke Cut off the largest wire rope Outline Sizemm
MFQ-32 63MPa 40mm ¦µ32 600x230x120
MFQ-52 63MPa 58mm ¦µ52 600x350x350
QY30 Hydraulic Steel Wire Rope Cutter
Composed of the end of Block, Block, piston plate, rod, end caps, power, knife block set, the fuel tank shell, pump body, hand-pressed, o-type seal, draw arm and other components, using the principle of hydraulic transmission , moving the hand press up and down, remove the piston pump driving force to move outward for cutting. Widely used in ship repair, mining, hoisting and other departments.
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