¡¡ a variety of cable press-fit accessories

¡ñAlloy suppress end is used in Europe, or working conditions than the normal circumstances of use, We provide 1mm to 94mm diameter wire rope of the aluminum alloy pressure head in accordance with DIN3093 standard at any time according to the customers¡¯ request.

¡ñCrimping irons are used in USA or the harsh environmental conditions of the situation (such as high temperature, acid-base erosion, etc.). We also provide the diameter 1/4"~6" iron press end of the steel rope according to the customer¡¯s request, with full inventory available at any time.

¡ñWe also supply other fittings such as copper, stainless steel and other special steel cables and a variety of structure cables.

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Aluminum alloy head (DIN3093) Complex steel oval head
Aluminum alloy pressure head (Japanese specifications) Grams of steel pinch pressure head
Iron-type head Cable head end
Aluminum alloy head (DIN3093C) Single set of stainless steel pressure head
Crimping cable terminal Nested pairs of non-stainless steel pressure head
Copper head eight-type aluminum head
Crimping Terminal screw Slender-type cable head
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